4000W 48V Lithium Laderegler Ista-Breeze

4000W 48V Lithium Laderegler Ista-Breeze

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Diese Laderegler werden von uns programmiert je nach Datenblatt von den Lithium Batterien.
Dieses Datenblatt müssen Sie uns nach der Bestellung mitteilen. Lieferzeit dieser Laderegler ca 14 Tage

These charge controllers are programmed by us depending on the data sheet of the lithium batteries.
You must send us this data sheet after placing your order. Delivery time of this charge controller approx. 14 days

Das LCD-Display befindet sich im Controller.

  • Battery voltage minimum: 42V
  • Cable: 10 qmm screw terminals
  • Charging current wind amperes max.: 70 A
  • Charging voltage: 52,8V
  • Cooling: External aluminum cooling fins
  • Display: LCD with 3 displays Amper, Watts, Battery Voltage
  • Dump Load: 4.0 KW braking resistor The load resistor can deviate from the picture. 
  • Integrated manual stop switch: Maintenance
  • Protection class: IP20 (inside area)
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Max. Input Power of Wind Turbine Nominal :4 KW Max: 5 KW
  • Braking function: (electromagnetic short-circuit, ) From 58V. If cooling temperature is reach 50°C or more, then automatic brake will be active. How brake will be work: There are 3 dump load (resistor). They will be active 5 second respectively. first 5 second, first dump load will be active.second 5 second, second dump load will be active. and third 5 second, third dump load will be active.
  • Operating temperature: Normal: 20~+55°C/35~85%RH Industrial: 30~+55°C/35~85%RH
  • Temperature Compensation: -4mV°C/2V, -35°C-- +80°C, Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Recommended Battery: Min. Acid & gel